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Australian Gold
Australian Gold

Client: Australian Gold, Nair

Goal: Drive incremental sales velocity for Australian Gold and Nair in mid tier store set.

Overview: Formed a partnerships between AG and Nair to “Prepare and Protect” Walmart shoppers by including IRC’s on both products and an Australian Gold sample foil pack on Nair product.

Results: Promo store indicated measureable sales lift through out campaign duration and post period.

Australian Gold and Nair Team Up
Australian Gold

Client: EPIQ™ & GNC

Goal: Launch the new EPIQ™ line of supplements exclusively at GNC. Drive awareness and earned media impressions for the brand.

Overview: EPIQ™ and GNC donated new gym equipment and EPIQ™ products to a New York City fire station that was devastated by flooding during Hurricane Sandy.

Results: +82.5MM media impressions and national exposure via TV, Prints, and Internet news outlets, blogs, and social media.

Australian Gold

Client: Hydroxycut

Goal: Support the launch of Hydroxycut’s new Lean Protein Bars and Shakes at Walmart.

Overview: Hydroxycut Brand Ambassadors, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici from ABC’s The Bachelor, made a public appearance at a Walmart store in Tampa, Florida.

Results: +300 Walmart shoppers engaged in the store event. Handed out +800 samples, Earned media in the form of local TV, Print, Radio, and Social.

Australian Gold

Client: Advance Food Products

Goal: Launch of AFP’s new line of coffee inspired pudding snacks, Café Breaks. Drive awareness for the new brand using in-store POS displays and product website.

Overview: Cafe Breaks product branding established through strong use of imagery targeting the female 25 – 45 demographic. This was then supported online and in-store to introduce the new brand.

Results: FUEL is currently executing an omni-channel marketing plan across multiple retailers. The campaign results are currently pending and will be be provided once it is completed.


Australian Gold

Client: Sbyke

Goal: Develop and execute a holiday focused launch program for Sbyke exclusively at Walmart.

Overview: Deployed critical shopper marketing tactics including Walmart social media, on-shelf video, product demos, digital/mobile ads, and in-store TV. Messaging emphasized the A20s unique features and its affordable price.

Results: Sales grew by 700% after the FUEL marketing programs launched.

Australian Gold

Client: Lucky Leaf

Goal: Increase awareness of Lucky Leaf Pie Filling and to drive Easter sales for their regional brand at Walmart stores.

Overview: Built and managed a digital marketing program on Walmart.com using Lucky Leaf banner ads and brand page offering Walmart shoppers recipes, reviews, and a $1 off two coupon.

Results: Reached 5.1MM Walmart.com shoppers. Engaged 72,000 Walmart shoppers on Pinterest. Average time spent on brand page: 4 minutes.

Epiq 2
Australian Gold

Client: EPIQ™

Goal: Generate EPIQ™ brand awareness and sales in the LA market, in support of the product launch at GNC.

Drive awareness and earned media impressions for the brand.

Overview: An EPIQ™ branded double-decker bus traveled the busy streets of LA for two months followed by two special activation days. 1 – Product sampling and consumer engagement at GNC stores. 2 – A takeover of Muscle Beach by EPIQ™ brand ambassadors for a full day of engagement.

Results: +2.5MM impressions. Generated product testimonials, photos, and video content. +10% increase in social media.

Australian Gold

Client: Sheets Energy

Goal: Execute a national launch program for Sheets© at Walmart.

Overview: Encourage Walmart customers to “Like” their local Walmart Facebook page. The store with the most new “Likes” wins a visit from Pitbull, Mr. World Wide. The winning store was in Kodiak, Alaska and the entire town came for Pitbull’s visit.

Results: +81.9MM social media impressions. +940MM media impressions generated. Featured on National morning shows, including TODAY and Good Morning America.


Client: Subway

Inform the public about Subway’s catering capabilities and increase Subway catering orders in South Florida.

Overview: Encourage the corporate community to consider Subway for all their catering needs. Subway Brand Ambassadors drove a Subway van to business parks to engage the target, hand out cookies, sandwiches, menus & more.

Results: Reached +5,400 unique businesses. Handed out +7,000 catering menus. Distributed 5,000 coupons. Earned +1.2MM Impressions.

Six Star

Client: Six Star

Goal: Integrate specialized Six Star branded content into Walmart-WebMD joint programming.

Overview: Six Star ambassador, NBA star Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder, was featured in a cover story and exclusive interview in March/April version of the Walmart-WebMD magazine.

Results: Generated 3.4MM in-magazine impressions in both English and Spanish. Additional 40MM impressions via online, social media, and Walmart email blast inclusion.

Six Star

Client: Jarritos

Goal: Generate awareness and sales of Jarritos in strategic Walmart markets by partnering with FIFA to execute omnichannel soccer themed events.

Overview: Leverage program to gain incremental displays and special promotions at Walmart via local and regional activations, focused on high-traited Hispanic stores

Results: 62K Program Booklets handed out, +2800 Text to Win Entries, +188K Samples Handed out, 6.5 MM Impressions from Media Campaign and 7.8% Sales Lift compared to 2015

Australian Gold

Client: Victoria Fine Foods

Goal: Victoria Fine Foods premium pasta sauce engaged consumers by debuting the first ever “Victoria Tomato Toss” to create trial and generate awareness of its expansion into the Carolinas

Overview: Participate in large-scale festivals and sporting events with strong brand presence to deliver Victoria’s brand message and generate earned media value

Results: +10MM Overall Program Reach, +270K Social Media Campaign Reach, and +20K Samples Provided across 4 activations.

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