MILWAUKEE — It seems gone are the days of customers packing into a store, trying to get their hands on that coveted item. Instead, it’s about sanitizing and lessening the crowds amid the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 has not only changed the way we interact with each other, but also, the way we shop.

“There are so many ways to look at where things are going and the consumer moving forward,” said Erik Rosenstrauch.

Rosenstrauch is the CEO of the retail marketing agency FUEL Partnerships.

“We help brands design strategies and programs to drive sales,” he said.

He said in order to stay afloat, it’s time for retailers to think about reinventing themselves — with many customers moving to online shopping.

“We continue to see this digital system grow — clicks to bricks — people shopping digitally and picking up physically, or shopping digitally, but from physical stores,” he said.

To be competitive in the long term, he suggests reservation shopping for some Mom and Pop shops.