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Client: Sabra

Goal: Create a breakthrough in-store program for Walmart shoppers to experience the brand and learn about more usage occasions for the grilling season.

Overview: “Dip Into Summer” – Promote Sabra as the summer go-to dip and enter to win a new grill for the summer. Program was promoted via in-store signage, demos, sweeps, and influencer content.

Results: 9.1% sustained lift following program execution, 18.6MM social media impressions, 12,300 social media engagements, +110K content entries into consumer sweeps and 10K total sweeps entries

Green Giant
Green Giant

Client: Green Giant

Goal: Generate awareness and trial of new product innovations within the frozen vegetable set at Walmart..

Overview: Launched Green Giant at Walmart using a variety of Walmart specific tactics to engage shoppers, both in-store and out-of- store, to drive trial and transactions. Included such tactics as: digital rebates, social influencers, digital media, a VUDU movie program, on-packs, and print ads.

Results: Green Giant’s MMA results ranked this program as one of the brand’s most effective programs on record, delivering an average MROI of $0.59 across all tactics. The program delivered a total of 40MM impressions (30% increase over forecast) and 388K brand engagements (20% increase).

Greek Gods
Greek Gods Seriously Indulgent Yogurt

Client: Greek Gods Seriously Indulgent Yogurt

Goal: Support the limited distribution launch of a new yogurt line from Greek Gods at 900 Walmart stores, by educating consumers on the differentiation and benefits of the product..

Overview: Executed a Walmart-specific marketing plan, leveraging highly efficient in-store and out-of-store tactics to drive awareness, incentivize trial and encourage repeat purchase. The campaign delivered massive brand awareness and exciting consumer offers. One aspect was an innovative tool that FUEL created to generate 96 authentic product reviews on Walmart.com and gain quantitative consumer data for the client.

Results: The campaign has exceeded 35MM impressions and has sold over 230,000 units to date. While the program is still underway, units sold have increased by 168%.

Farmers Market
FAGE, Sabra, Blue Diamond, Walmart

Clients: FAGE, Sabra, Blue Diamond, Walmart

Goal: Recreate the farmers market experience for Walmart shoppers in-store with great new finds and recipe ideas.

Overview: “Summer Market Finds” – Create a new experience for Walmart shoppers by blending seasonal fresh produce with better-for-you CPG brands to create new ways to start eating healthier. Program was supported via social influencer content, digital banner ads, in-store signage, in-store demos with a recipe booklet, and a microsite.

Results: +53MMimpressions and +35K engagements generated from social influencers and targeted digital media and +135% average lift between participating brands

Australian Gold
Australian Gold

Client: Australian Gold, Nair

Goal: Drive incremental sales velocity for Australian Gold and Nair in mid tier store set.

Overview: Formed a partnership between AG and Nair to “Prepare and Protect” Walmart shoppers by including IRC’s on both products and an Australian Gold sample foil pack on Nair product.

Results: Post promotion results showed 19% growth at promoted stores vs. at non-promoted stores.

Australian Gold and Nair Team Up
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